Eating Habits

While reviewing my current lifestyle, I realize there is another change I need to make. My eating habits.  It is not a matter of what I eat, so much as when I eat.  Fact is, I frequently skip breakfast and lunch and only eat dinner, which is great while working out — NOT.

I like eating, and I love food, but I get so tied up in my day and the things I have to do, that eating does not have a priority.  My excuse usually is that a last minute fire needs to be put out at work, and once that is handled, its later in the day, so I might as well wait until I get home. Weak excuse, I know, but that is how my day usually runs.

So today, I am making the effort to take back my lunches.  I WILL EAT!!!  I will make that breakfast casserole or prepare that smoothie.  I will have those grits and bacon!  I will have that sub from Jersey Mike’s.  I will take back the time that I have given up to feed my body and my mind.  Then…

Once I eat on a regular schedule, then I will look into my diet. But for now… I WILL EAT!

One thought on “Eating Habits”

  1. Great decision! In order to keep our metabolisms fired up, we must eat. We just have to choose the right foods…which I don’t always do, but my goal is to do better every day.


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